APVG | Water and waste water treatment
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Water and waste water treatment

Water purification and waste water treatment solutions

Preparation of environmental protection documents

  • Consulting
  • Feasibility studies
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Health Impact Assessment
  • IPPC applications


Preparation of applications

Filling the applications for support from the EU Cohesion Funds – they are prepared under the Single Programming Document, conditions of financing and administration description. Depending on the priority and measure, all required application forms are filled, calculation of net income is performed. What is more, all documents, required to be attached to the application, are made up.


Preparation of purchase documents

Purchase documents are a collection of the documents, published on CVP IS, which consists of all the documents referred to in the content of the purchase documents, which should be read in conjunction with explanations, additions and amendments of the purchase documents, prepared according to requirements of http://www.apva.lt/2014-2020/pirkimu-prieziura/privalomieji-reikalavimai-pirkimo-dokumentams/.


Preparation of investment projects

Investment project – a document, financially (economically), technically and socially justifying the investment objectives, evaluating the return on investment (commercial project) and other performance indicators, indicating the funds, required by the project, the financing sources and terms (the term meets the provisions of clause 10 of Article 2 of Law on Investments of the Republic of Lithuania). The document of an investment project includes the content, specified in the “Methodology for preparation of the investment projects, seeking funding from the European Union structural support and/or the state budget”.


Preparation of design proposals for the structures

Design proposal for the structure, regarding implementation of a regional project – the document, prepared by municipal executive authorities, and submitted to the regional development council, containing information on the proposed project to be implemented and in the light of which the project is included in the list of regional projects, proposed to be co-financed by the EU’s structural funds. A design proposal for implementation of a regional project is prepared, according to the form, specified in the Description of Procedure for Selection of the Regional Projects, approved by the Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania.


Project administration and publicity

Contract administration and publicity services – professional administrative support and publicity services, in order to successfully implement the investment projects to ensure proper and timely implementation of the project activities and publicity, according to the defined Financing and Administration Rules.


The services of FIDIC engineer and technical supervision of construction works

Our activities are characterized by extensive use of the principles of International Federation of Consulting Engineers FIDIC, and ensure continuous improvement of company professionals, acquiring new knowledge and experience, which allows to provide the Lithuanian customers with professional and high quality services. While providing the professional services of technical supervision of construction works, we follow STR 1:06:01: 2016 “Construction works. Construction supervision”.

You can trust us because:

We are the engineering consulting company, providing the customers with professional services and constantly developing our environmental, planning, design, technical supervision and other consulting areas. Our activities are characterized by extensive use of the principles and contract implementation clauses of International Federation of Consulting Engineers FIDIC.

We have implemented lot of projects in the field of water management since 2005. Below, there are some of them: