APVG | Development of water supply and sewerage networks in Šiauliai district
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Development of water supply and sewerage networks in Šiauliai district

Water and waste water treatment
UAB “Kuršėnų vandenys” (Ltd.)
Project location
Šiauliai district
Project timeframe
Contract was signed in 23-05-2011 finished in 02-04-2013

Upon implementing the project, the possibility to connect to the new sewage network was provided for 1615  inhabitants, and to the new water supply networks –  1615 people. While performing the construction works, 14,528 km of new water supply networks and 13,734 km of new sewage networks were laid.

Project implementation contributes to the implementation of Sustainable Development Strategy of the Republic of Lithuania – more efficient use of natural resources and human health risk reduction, ensuring supply of healthy drinking water, complying with the EU requirements, for the residents of Kuršėnai.

Upon construction of new sewage networks and connection of new users to the centralized system, pollution, going to the hydrological network of Venta-Lielupe basin with household and industrial waste water from the basin villages, will be reduced, soil and groundwater pollution and underground water pollution in the risk territory will be reduced; In the field of regional development (reduction of environmental differences) – upon construction of new wastewater collection (13,734 km) and water supply (14,528 km) networks in Kuršėnai city, the possibility to connect to the centralized system was provided: the sewerage network – 1615 residents, to the water supply network – 1615 residents.

Economically and ecologically efficient technologies reduce the cost of environmental protection measures and the cost of services. Upon implementation of the project tasks, the possibility of achieving the common good of the present and future generations was given.

Šiauliai district municipality transferred the functions of drinking water supply and wastewater management to UAB “Kuršėnų vandenys” (Ltd.). Development of the centralized drinking water supply and wastewater management infrastructure will ensure the implementation of the basic function of this company – to supply the residents with the quality drinking water and management of the waste water, discharged in accordance with the requirements.


While implementing the project “Development of water supply and sewerage networks in Šiauliai district (Kuršėnai)”, UAB APVG (LTD.) was engaged in providing the services of project administration, project publicity, and construction technical supervision. The Agreement for Services was implemented together with the partner UAB “Gerbūnis” (Ltd.).