APVG | Technical supervision during renovation of multi-storey house at Ozo g., Vilnius
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Technical supervision during renovation of multi-storey house at Ozo g., Vilnius

Public institution “Atnaujinkime miestą”
Project location
Multi-storey residential house Ozo g. 24, Vilnius
Project timeframe
Contract was signed in 10-04-2015 finished in 30-12-2016

While implementing the project, the construction technical supervision services were provided for the renovation (modernization) works of the multi-storey residential house at Ozo g. 24 Vilnius.


The scope of renovation (modernization) works included:

  • Insulation of the facade walls (including the plinth), including elimination of wall (plinth) structure defects and arrangement of pavement;
  • Roof insulation, as well as installation of new roofing;
  • Replacement of windows of apartments and other premises with lower heat transfer windows;
  • Replacement of apartment windows and balcony doors;
  • Replacement of windows in common areas (staircases);
  • Replacement of windows in common areas (basement);
  • Balcony or loggia glazing, including reinforcement of the existing balcony or loggia structure and (or) installation of new glazing structure, according to the single design;
  • Replacement of staircase outside doors and vestibule doors, including the related finishing works, repair of the entrance stairs, and adaptation for the needs of the disabled;
  • Transformation, modification or installation of ventilation and recuperation systems;
  • Redesign or replacement of heating and hot water systems: installation of balancing valves on supports, improvement of thermal insulation of piping, replacement of heating devices and piping, installation of individual heat metering devices or divider systems and (or) thermostatic valves in apartments and other premises, replacement or redesign of equipment in the heating unit or boiler room (individual boilers), and installation of renewable energy sources (solar, wind, geothermal energy, biofuels, etc.).
  • Renovation (modernization) of elevators – their replacement with technically more energy-efficient elevators, including adaptation of access to the needs of the disabled.