APVG | Expert assistance services (Part I)
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Expert assistance services (Part I)

Water and waste water treatment
Environmental Project Management Agency under the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania.
Project location
Lithuanian territory
Project timeframe
Contract was signed in 14-08-2013 finished in 16-08-2016

Following the annual plan, approved by EPMA Director, and its updates, the scheduled inspections of the projects, funded for the period 2007-2013 by the EU structural funds, in the places of implementation and (or) administration. 113 project inspections in place were performed, the forms of project inspections in place were filled, the reports on the inspection in place were prepared and submitted to the EPMA. While filling the questionnaire in the reports on the inspection in place, all answers were supported by comments, explanations, and references to the audited items, documents, and so on. The report is accompanied by copies of the checked documents (not possessed by the Agency) and other project-related documented information (photos of the object, checked items (at least 20 pcs.), etc.). The report contains the results of the inspection, conclusions and recommendations on the further implementation of the project, if necessary, mandatory instructions of the project promoter were given. The weaknesses, inconsistencies are based on references to the violated legislation, funding and administrative provisions of the contract, etc. In case of minor discrepancies, which are without prejudice to the project financing and administration contract and/or can be corrected by the project promoter, recommendations were developed and time limits were set to implement these recommendations.

113 investment project inspections in the places of implementation and (or) administration, performed by the inspection professional-engineer and inspection professional-financial controller.