APVG | Expert assistance services (II)
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Expert assistance services (II)

Water and waste water treatment
Environmental Project Management Agency under the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
Project location
Lithuanian territory
Project timeframe
Contract was signed in 13-09-2013 finished in 27-02-2016

While implementing the contract, according to the Customer’s needs, r various expert assistance services were provided:

  1. Expert assistance on the purchase issues.
  2. When needed, expert findings, related to the changes (change orders) in the contracts for works, implemented within the scope of FIDIC The Red Book and FIDIC The Yellow Book, were provided.
  3. Expert assistance on financial issues.
  4. Expert assistance on publicity issues.
  5. Expert assistance on technical issues. 

According to the need, for expert evaluation was carried out and the reasoned conclusions on issues, related to supervision of the projects, administered by EPMA, were presented. The projects cover the following areas:

  • Landfill closure works;
  • Green waste composting site installation works;
  • Bulky waste collection site installation works;
  • Hazardous waste management (while providing expert assistance for services in this area, the expert must have attended waste management specialist training courses, according to the Waste Management Specialist Training Programmes, approved by the Minister of Environment, and obtained the certificate, evidencing his knowledge in the relevant waste management field);
  • Construction works of mechanical municipal waste sorting facilities;
  • Construction works of treatment equipment with energy extraction for biodegradable waste after mechanical sorting;
  • Sewage sludge treatment plant construction works;
  • Development, reconstruction of water and sewage networks;
  • Construction/reconstruction of water treatment plants;
  • Construction/reconstruction of wastewater treatment plants;
  • Cleaning works and services for the surface water (rivers, lakes, ponds);
  • Cleaning works on the site, contaminated with chemical and other (construction, industrial waste) materials.