APVG | Construction of Kėdainiai sludge treatment plants
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Construction of Kėdainiai sludge treatment plants

Water and waste water treatment
UAB “Kėdainių vandenys” (Ltd.)
Project location
Kėdainiai city wastewater treatment plant area
Project timeframe
Contract was signed in 10-12-2010 finished in 05-12-2014

Create the necessary sewage sludge treatment capacities in Kėdainiai, which will treat the sludge, located in  Kėdainiai, Josvainiai, and Akademija wastewater treatment facilities.

Design and construction of the regional Kėdainiai sludge treatment plant with a capacity of 4 250 kg of dry sludge per day.


The main works of the project include the following:

  • Plant construction site management and engineering and technological networks,
  • reconstruction of sludge line in the existing waste water treatment unit,
  • acceptance unit for the brought sludge,
  • sludge re-pumping and compaction unit,
  • sludge digestion unit,
  • gas energy unit,
  • sludge precipitation unit,
  • sludge drying unit,
  • dried sludge shelter,
  • local sewage pump,
  • partial reconstruction of administrative – official building,
  • the process control system SCADA,
  • construction of gravitational sludge compactors in Akademija and Josvainiai wastewater treatment facilities,
  • the Customer staff training;
  • all works, related to the design, construction renovation, mechanical and electrical equipment supply, installation and commissioning works of all above units.



While implementing the project “Construction of Kėdainiai sludge treatment plants”, UAB APVG (LTD.) was engaged in providing the services of project administration, project publicity, and FIDIC engineer, and construction technical supervision. Implementation of the project “Construction of Kėdainiai sludge treatment plants” will best ensure the implementation of the function, assigned to Kėdainiai district municipality, i.e., to ensure proper wastewater management.